About Patriot

Patriot Family Counseling Services is a crisis, trauma, and suicide prevention clinic for America Heroes and their families.

Serving high crisis occupations such as military veterans, government officials, first responders, and medical professionals since 2019.

Why Patriot Counseling?

Patriot Counseling was created in 2019 as a branch of Venture Ministries, Inc.  The founder himself was a combat veteran, a mental health professional, and a chaplain.  There was an obvious need for quality mental health care for these groups of individuals that needed a place to go that understands there needs.  Patriot was our solution.

Patriot Family Counseling Services was started in 2019 as a private non-profit clinic to support the crisis and trauma of veterans and first responders. 

Patriot has always focused on quality care to the individuals and families that we see, but we also have led, participated in, and worked alongside a number of programs federally, within the state, and locally.

When people feel supported and connected they have a much better chance of overcoming the obstacles they face.  That’s why our tagline is “Together We Serve”.  

Our Standards


Patriot’s mission is to create positive lasting impact in the lives of the heroes we serve by providing quality mental health care.


We aim to be the number one provider of mental health services and resources in our community as we always set the highest possible standards of mental health care for America’s Heroes and their families.

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