Meet our team

James Patrick

Specializes in
Crisis, Trauma, Suicide, PTSD, Sex Therapy

James has 7 years of experience providing counseling to children, adults, and families in agency settings. James has facilitated adult groups in intensive outpatient for substance use counseling in Lawrenceburg, IN before moving back to Oklahoma. James joined the Patriot Family Counseling Services team in January 2022. Currently works Full time Oklahoma Army National Guard as a Brigade Assistant Operations Officer for the 45th IBCT, Parkside in the Access department,  and Oakwood Springs as a group counselor for the Heroes unit. James worked at Family and Children’s Services starting in November of 2017 and stayed there until January 2021. He was an intake therapist at Crisis Care Center. 

James enjoys helping others while using strength-based approaches and integrating various treatment therapies to best meet the needs and goals of his clients.  He provides emotional support and guidance to adults and young adults specifically, focusing on adjustment issues and significant life changes to address all grief needs due to loss through trauma, illness, or accident.  He aims to empower his clients to create space, balance, time, and strength to process and embrace their grief needs.  He provides an approach to sex therapy as a safe space that enables clients to look at challenges they are currently facing. He strictly enforces consent in sex therapy. 

Current specializations in sex therapy, PTSD symptoms, anxiety, and depression.