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Patriot brings the uniqueness of lived experiences into all our trainings offered.  Our varied staff each have connections to the various hero populations we serve.

Our trainers bring their related knowledge and experience into the training environment, allowing you to learn how to meet the needs of populations that serve in high trauma positions. 

We  offer a variety of conferences, professional development, live and online trainings for corporations, organizations, communities and individuals with continuing education units for mental health.  We host conferences and training events throughout the year and are connected with Oklahoma’s LPC and LCSW licensing boards in order to provide continuing education credits.

Examples of Topics We Train:

  • Military Culture Training
  • Peer to Peer Support Training
  • Crisis Response and Stablization Training
  • Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Postvention
  • Building Strong and Healthy Cultures
  • Overcoming Adversity and Trauma

In addition to the examples above, we offer trainings in various mental health approaches, veteran and first responder speicfic training, positive work environments and culture, and how to build action plans and logic models that work.  These trainings have led to our success and have been proven to work in both macro and micro settings.

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